Mission Statement

Globalsono.org is a collaborative website designed to serve as a resource hub for clinical sonographers, ultrasound educators and researchers from around the world.

We strive to link the substantial educational materials of those passionate about clinical ultrasound, facilitate communication between those with common goals, and collate resources onto this website. This website focuses its efforts on resource limited settings, which can range from the developing world, to any location that does not have an established infrastructure for clinician performed ultrasound.

Globalsono.org provides resources and a community for anyone looking to start a new project, join an existing project, learn from prior projects, facilitate research, and provide practical information for practicing ultrasound around the world. The website holds a collection of ultrasound education resources donated by individuals and organizations from around the world.

Our global map serves as an archive of many of the great projects that have occurred in the past and that are ongoing. Many contributors are willing to supply their contact information for general and specific inquiries related to their ultrasound project. For those interested in ultrasound research this website may provide important methodological, funding and collaborative opportunities.

Anyone can contribute to this website and it continues to improve as the site content continues to grow.


The development of this website was supported by a section grant of the American College of Emergency Physicians awarded to the ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section.    

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