The Mae Tao Clinic

Brian Guercio
The Mae Tao Clinic

Clinical Setting

low-resource medical clinic for Burmese refugees and economic migrants; heavy chronic disease burden and a broad range of acute medical problems

The Ultrasound Program

ultrasound is the only imaging modality available at the clinic; used primarily for diagnostic studies. goal for increased procedural application. Current equipment is of low quality.

Maintenance of Training and Quality Assurance

Several medics at the clinic have good basic ultrasound skills and supervise other less experienced medics. The most experienced medics are limited more by equipment quality than knowledge. Visiting Emergency Medicine physicians have established a training program which aims to increase the level of skill and range of ultrasound applications performed by the medics as well as to establish standards to integration of ultrasound into routine clinical practice at the clinic. Next steps include continuing to develop a QA process.

Supplies Needed

All of the above are needed.

Is your site a host site willing to take ultrasound learners from other locations and train them?


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Ongoing Research

A study has been performed to assess the efficacy of the training program. Further data collection could be performed to generate a follow up study. Once a QA process is established, the next study will be to assess its efficacy, but no study is currently underway.

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Organization Details:
Burma Border Projects