Hospital Bernard Mevs / Project Medishare

Carol Redlich
Hospital Bernard Mevs / Project Medishare

Clinical Setting

This is ~50 bed hospital (10 med /surgical beds, 6 ED beds, 4 adult ICU beds, 15 peds beds, 10 PICU beds, 10 brain / spinal cord injury beds) that has x-ray, ct (limited use), bedside ultrasound (sonosite 180), 3 ORs. Haiti's only pediatric residency program (established 2013). It is also considered Haiti's only trauma hospital. Newly formed aeromedical program.

The Ultrasound Program

There's currently only a Sonosite 180 at Hospital Bernard Mev's / Project Medishare. This hospital recruits volunteer medical staff (MD/DO, RN, PA, NP, Paramedics) to work with Haitian staff. Typical commitment is one week.

Maintenance of Training and Quality Assurance

Physicians from emergency medicine residency programs that use ultrasound provide bedside ultrasound education to Haitian physicians.

Supplies Needed

It would be ideal to have better bedside ultrasound equipment. It's a balance between having smaller, portable equipment with the risk of it being stolen from the hospital. In addition hallways connecting medical units are uneven making traditional ultrasound stands unrealistic.

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Organization Details:
University of Miami / Project Medishare