Masindi Kitara Medical Center in Uganda

Edward O'Bryan, MD
Masindi Kitara Medical Center in Uganda

Clinical Setting

Uganda: fully built and equipped medical center serving a population of 500,000. Outpatient center with 2 US machines, 2 inpatient wards (30beds), L&D suite and full OR. Sees about 1800 patients a months and is augmented by 4 short-term volunteer teams a year to rural surrounding populations. Population is poor, underserved, with a myriad of medical issues from pregnancy complications to tropical diseases. Secondary site (see map for more details) Nicaragua: 2 clinic sites (1 in El Viejo, 1 in Sebaco). Have one US machine in El Viejo and one on order for Sebaco. These clinics are primarily outpatient and focus on DM/HTN/Kidney disease, chronic diseases, heart disease, general medicine, public health, etc. Underserved poor population. Burundi - construction on our clinic there begins this year and will feature US as well

The Ultrasound Program

2 machines in Uganda, one coming with new USAID grant The machines are the primary imaging modalities.

Maintenance of Training and Quality Assurance

US-trained ECHO technicians, Cardiologists, OB/GYN, and ED Ultrasound trained physicians travel to our locations to train our practitioners. We also provide US CME and in-country training as well as QI review on cases.

Supplies Needed

We would love to have a unit for our remote outreaches as well as a new unit for Nicaragua. Further training is also always a high-priority.

Is your site a host site willing to take ultrasound learners from other locations and train them?


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Ongoing Research

USAID Imaging Grant implementation starting this year will include data collection and various research initiatives and the construction of an imaging center specifically for Ultrasound and radiography.

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