Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation

Jordan Rupp
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation

Clinical Setting

GPHC is located in the capital city and is the largest public hospital in Guyana. Most of the scanning is in the Accident and Emergency Department, but other departments have requested some training in the past.

The Ultrasound Program

There is ongoing training of residents in emergency medicine. Ultrasound is utilized as a POC tool at the bedside similar to emergency departments in the U.S. with some limitations due to the equipment but also more liberally as advanced imaging is not readily available.

Maintenance of Training and Quality Assurance

Supplies Needed

The current ultrasound system, a refurbished Sonosite Titan, is a bit temperamental and only has a curvilinear probe. Updated equipment or additional probes would be greatly appreciated.

Is your site a host site willing to take ultrasound learners from other locations and train them?


Does this site accept volunteers?


Ongoing Research

Is this site affiliated with an organization (NGO)?