ACEP Wellness & Assistance Program

Prioritizing Your Wellness

Being an emergency physician is tough. Each day presents a new challenge, so let us help you find the right support.

Helping you on your wellness journey is one of the ways ACEP has your back.

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We continue to hear the sobering statistics surrounding physician mental health, and we know your job isn’t getting any easier. 

The ACEP Wellness & Assistance Program offers ACEP members exclusive access to three FREE counseling or wellness sessions in partnership with Mines & Associates. 

And for just $15 a year, ACEP members can receive additional legal and financial support, including services related to:

  • Business Legal Services
  • Financial Matters
  • IRS Matters
  • Real Estate & Estate Planning Law
  • Immigration and Naturalization
  • Personal / Family Legal Services
  • Civil / Consumer Issues

This program is strictly confidential and FREE with your ACEP membership. 

To learn more about ACEP membership, read about ACEP's membership eligibility.

Access ACEP's additional physician wellness resources.

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