Director, EMS and Disaster Preparedness


EMS and Disaster Preparedness


Monitor and analyze the EMS environment for policy and program development; make recommendations to assure that the College is appropriately positioned on EMS issues; assist in the identification, application and implementation of department-related grants and contracts; manage federal grant activity; and assist emergency physicians and chapters with the federal and state EMS aspects of their practice.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Monitor, analyze, and make recommendations to the ACEP President, Board, and senior staff regarding issues and developments in EMS and disaster preparedness, including policy, standards, legislation, liability, and education.

  2. Represent the College's interests by attending meetings and conferences with other national EMS and Disaster Preparedness organizations, federal and state governmental agencies and ACEP chapters.

  3. Assist in the development of concepts and proposals for federal grants and contracts. Manage the activities of stakeholder organizations and subject-matter experts (SME’s) regarding the development and implementation of federal grant related activities. Assist in budget development and monitoring expenditures regarding government grants.

  4. Support the EMS Section’s National EMS Week project. Work with their leaders to ensure project development and resource distribution, promotion activities, and coordination with EMS stakeholder organizations and federal/state partner agencies.

  5. Support the assigned committees and sections, ensure they remain focused on the EMS physician, and facilitate our members in their work. Assist committee members in development of policy statements and other assigned projects, including providing specific content input. Assist sections leaders and members in development of section projects and provide content expertise.

  6. Develop recommendations for the ACEP President and Board regarding liaison appointments and high-level requests by other stakeholder organizations and federal government entities.

  7. Write and/or edit reports, articles, policy statements, and other reports and information papers for internal and external audiences.

  8. Work with appropriate staff to identify topics and develop materials for meetings, publications, and other products and services pertaining to EMS and disaster preparedness. Respond to inquiries on EMS and disaster preparedness from members, chapters, other EMS stakeholder organizations, federal partners, and the public.

  9. Assist the Grants staff in the identification of EMS and disaster preparedness-related grants and research opportunities, including preparation and submission of research and grant proposals.

  10. Manage assigned federal grants and contracts to include coordination with appropriate staff and members providing administrative, technical, and subject matter expertise.

  11. Work independently with appropriate staff to identify topics and develop materials for meetings, publications, and other products and services pertaining to EMS and disaster preparedness. Conduct independent research as needed to support our members.

  12. Assist appropriate staff with the development and implementation of market research and marketing plans to promote College products and services to the EMS and disaster preparedness community.

  13. Coordinate meeting planning and logistics for on-site and out-of-town meetings involving representatives of ACEP, other stakeholder organizations and government agencies involved in grant-funded projects. Travel and work independently to ensure effective coordination of site evaluations conducted in multiple cities by grant-funded content expert teams.

  14. Develop and monitor assigned budgets.

  15. Supervise department staff, providing meaningful feedback on their performance and opportunities for improvement.

  16. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Relationships and Contacts

Reports to:

Senior Vice President, Clinical Affairs


EMS and Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

Internal Contacts:

Finance, Business Development, Membership and Customer Service, Marketing and Communication, Education, Staff Services, Technology Services

External Contacts:

College leaders and members, chapters, representatives of local, state, and national government agencies; local, state and national EMS and medical organizations; consultants; contractors

Required Education and Experience

  1. Associate degree, preferably EMS/Healthcare/Business Administration related, or equivalent related experience.

  2. Five years’ experience in management/administration in EMS systems at the state or national level which includes planning, budgeting, written and oral communications including public speaking.

  3. Demonstrated level of subject matter expertise in disaster preparedness and response.

  4. Strong written and oral communication skills, including experience in public speaking.

Other Desired Qualifications

  1. Two years direct experience in providing prehospital care.

  2. Bachelor's degree or higher in business administration, health care, or public policy.

  3. Understanding of health care marketing.

  4. Understanding of state and federal legislative process.

  5. Experience with personal computers, including a working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and database software.

  6. Association management experience.

  7. Knowledge of the broad range of EMS stakeholders at the national level and experience with the "politics" and interactions between the various national EMS organizations.

  8. Broad understanding of prehospital care and its relationship to emergency physicians.

  9. Experience in grant management of federally funded grant projects in EMS or disaster response.

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