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Submitted applications will be reviewed for completeness by ACEP CUAP staff. Completed applications will then undergo a comprehensive review by a team of physician reviewers.

What is CUAP and who is it run by?

CUAP is the Clinical Ultrasound Accreditation Program. The program was developed by leaders within the ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section with the support of the ACEP Board of Directors. The leaders within CUAP were appointed by the ACEP President and consist of ultrasound leaders throughout the world with an understanding of clinical ultrasound and whose goal it is to help accredit clinical ultrasound programs.

What standards does CUAP utilize?

ACEP “Ultrasound Guidelines: Emergency, Point-of-Care, and Clinical Ultrasound Guidelines in Medicine” are the established standard. Any department, including all specialties that perform clinical ultrasound may exceed but must at least meet these standards to obtain CUAP accreditation.

Why should I seek CUAP accreditation?

Accreditation is an excellent way to convey to your patients, colleagues, and hospital administration that your program is first-rate and meets the standards set forth by ACEP in the ACEP policy statement, “Ultrasound Guidelines: Emergency, Point-of-Care, and Clinical Ultrasound Guidelines in Medicine.”

Why CUAP? Why Now?

There are many reasons why CUAP can benefit your group, hospital, and ultrasound program. Established policies and procedures consistent with the requirements of CUAP assure the Quality Assurance standards are in place for your program. They include, but are not limited to, infection control, education, and peer review.

At its essence CUAP is meant to give you direction and organization in establishing and maintaining an exceptional ultrasound program. General guidelines and documents are available on this website and may serve as a resource in developing your program.

Does CUAP accredit my group or the hospital?

If a specialty group provides coverage at multiple hospitals the group can be accredited at each site. Each site would apply for its own accreditation at a discounted rate.

Who can apply?

CUAP is accepting applications from clinical ultrasound programs throughout the world.

What specialties can apply?  

Any specialty that performs clinical ultrasound in caring for its patients.

How long does accreditation last?

Accreditation lasts 3 years. The renewal process is minimal and offered at a discounted rate.

Can we have multiple applications from the same health care systems but for different facilities or different departments?

Each site managed by a group can seek accreditation and will require an individualized application, at a discounted rate, that represents the policies and procedures at each physical site. A hospital may apply for system-wide accreditation for its physical location site. System-wide accreditation refers to a single physical location. A hospital system that would like to seek accreditation for multiple hospitals may do so by submitting separate applications for each physical location.

We believe that the use of ultrasound and its processes may not be uniform, even within a health care system, so separate applications are needed to ensure the integrity of the accreditation process.

How long does the application process take?

Once you have submitted a completed application, it will be reviewed by 2 emergency ultrasound expert physicians. You may be asked additional questions to clarify parts of the application. The application then must be approved by the Board of Governors. The process is anticipated to take approximately 8-12 weeks.

I deleted my application and need to have it reinstated, what should I do?

If you deleted your application and have changed your mind, please call 800-798-1822, ext 3235 or send us an email. Applications that are older than 3 months will not be reinstated.

How much does it cost?

The online CUAP application fee is $1500 for the initial department/facility and $700 for each additional department/facility that is under the direction of the same physician group. Accreditation is granted for 3 years. The renewal fee is $500 for the department/facility application and $250 for each additional department/facility.

How do I apply for CUAP accreditation?

There are a number of required documents that will be needed for your application. You can visit the Getting Started page for a list of sample documents that can get you started.

What ultrasound program documents will I need to apply?

It will be essential that you have:

  • An ultrasound director position description
  • Details of any ultrasound education you offer to colleagues, residents, nurses, etc. (If applicable)
  • The credentialing application used at your hospital for ultrasound
  • Protocols of supervision if there are non-credentialed providers performing ultrasound (If applicable)
  • A copy of an ultrasound report if you bill/document for ultrasounds
  • Your infection control/safety (ALARA) and machine maintenance policies
  • Continuous quality management program description (QA/QI process, callback process, feedback process)
  • Confidentiality and privacy process

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