Emergency Department Boarding and Crowding

Boarding in the ED

“Boarding” in the emergency department is a result of dangerous health system overload that puts patients in a holding pattern as they wait for an inpatient bed or transfer after their initial care. These delays can last hours, days, weeks, or longer.

Boarding is a public health emergency and systemic crisis. Staffing challenges and burnout exacerbate the crisis and perpetuate a dangerous and sometimes deadly cycle. ACEP is taking the lead to identify collaborative solutions.

ACEP Summit on Boarding

ACEP organized and led the first national stakeholder summit on boarding in September 2023. Stakeholders across health care met in the ACEP DC office for a day-long discussion on the dangers of boarding and collaborative opportunities for solutions.

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ED Boarding: Frontline Stories

ACEP members are sharing stories about the impact of rising patient boarding, and the picture painted is bleak—emergency departments and hospitals are at a breaking point.

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ACEP has been leading national efforts to address ED crowding and boarding for several decades. Currently we are advocating directly with the White House, bipartisan members of Congress, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders involved in constructive approaches to alleviate the factors that lead to our nation’s boarding crisis.

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Boarding and Crowding Talking Points

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Letter to the White House (November 7, 2022)

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Regs & Eggs: Update on the ED Boarding Crisis

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Pushing for Solutions to the Boarding Crisis

Brewing for years, the boarding crisis hit troublesome levels in late 2022. Your stories, filled with urgency and passion, allowed ACEP to launch a multichannel advocacy campaign.

Tackling the boarding crisis is one of the ways ACEP has your back.

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