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The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) is the nation’s leading professional body for emergency physicians and sets the standard for emergency medical care. We believe it is our duty to provide our members with best practices for their patients. It is also our duty to provide the public with the best care that meets their needs and to provide the public assurance that the emergency department (ED) they visit will provide quality care. To that end, ACEP created the following accreditation programs to improve the quality of acute care to patients.

Why seek accreditation?

When you choose accreditation, you are choosing to pursue a commitment to excellence across the spectrum of care that will help attract more patients and elevate your institution— providing a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment, and services – achieving accreditation makes a strong statement to the community about an organization’s efforts to provide the highest quality services.
  • Provides a framework for organizational structure and management – accreditation involves maintaining a high level of quality and compliance with the latest standards. Accreditation provides guidance to an organization’s quality improvement efforts.
  • Aligns emergency departments with one of the most respected names in emergency health care – being accredited by ACEP helps organizations position for the future of integrated care.


ACEP Programs

Clinical Ultrasound Accreditation Program (CUAP)

The use of ultrasound in emergency medicine has increased dramatically over the past several decades.

As the use of ultrasound has become mainstream in emergency medicine, a need has emerged to promulgate and support standards. The purpose of this emergency ultrasound accreditation body is to ensure that an entity with understanding of emergency ultrasound provides leadership in continuous quality management and patient safety, communication, responsibility, and clarity regarding the use of clinical ultrasound. Accreditation ensures that safe, quality examinations are performed in any ED that utilizes clinical, point-of-care ultrasound.

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Emergency Department Accreditation Program

ACEP will soon offer a tiered ED Accreditation Program to establish transparency by recognizing hospitals with EDs that meet several key criteria and provide the best patient care possible.

The ED Accreditation Program will help improve patient care and promote fair, productive and safe working environments for emergency physicians and other members of the emergency care team through the implementation of evidence-based policies and practices across all practice settings and all staffing models.

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Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA)

20 million seniors visit our nation’s EDs. With the number of older adults growing rapidly, there is a critical need for more geriatric-focused care.

In the interest of advancing clinical care in emergency medicine, transparency for the public, and improved care for our geriatric population, ACEP instituted the Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA) program. Geriatric EDs promote best clinical practices for older adults and have the potential to improve health outcomes, coordinate care more effectively, and reduce cost of care.

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Pain and Addiction Care in the ED (PACED)

More than 2 million Americans have become dependent on or abused prescription pain pills and street drugs.

Emergency department clinicians are in a unique position to treat acute pain by providing optimal analgesia, educating patients, and combatting the opioid epidemic. ACEP seeks to improve acute pain management for patients in the ED and recognizes the need for prompt, safe, and effective pain management. The primary aim of this program is to accelerate the transfer of knowledge about acute pain management and secure appropriate resources to care for patients.

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Give your team the validation and recognition of earning accreditation from the American College of Emergency Physicians and show your patients you’re committed to providing consistent quality care.

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