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Quality Measures

Reduce clinician burden with quality measures linked to meaningful outcomes for clinicians & patients

Data Science

Data alone does not solve clinical problems, especially in emergency care. A comprehensive source of Emergency Medicine data, analyzed with the insight of industry experts, provides insights into the ...

Health Information Technology

Learn about ACEP’s leadership in informatics, electronic health record use optimization & clinician burden reduction


Why Partner with ACEP Quality Team?

By partnering with the ACEP Quality team, you have access to products and programs to help your team protect your revenue, improve patient outcomes, coordinate care and reduce your clinician burden.

Participating in the CEDR program allows you to get critical insights into your ED Quality outcomes, compare your ED performance against national benchmarks and drive measurable outcomes with baselined data.

Our EQUAL & Quality Measures programs provide structured quality improvement activities that will improve the value of emergency care and link measures to meaningful outcomes for clinicians and patients.

The Data Analytics platform is creating a comprehensive research platform gain comprehensive insights into emergency medicine research, operations, policy & education. And finally, our HIT program is leveraging new technologies and finding innovative ways to utilize EHR and reduce clinical burdens.


Featured News

May 31, 2022

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September 27, 2021

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September 27, 2021

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September 29, 2021

CEDR 2.0

ACEP Quality Team

The landscape of emergency medicine and acute care transforms rapidly, with the changes difficult to predict. The American College of Emergency Physicians – the leaders in emergency medicine innovation – takes the pioneering spirit that built the college and charges strong into the future. Through a combination of products and programs, the ACEP Quality team and clinical partners blaze these new trails for the benefit of clinicians and patients.



Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

Emergency Medicine Informatics





The ACEP Quality team produces newsletters from our CEDR and E-QUAL programs. We cover a variety of topics including CEDR collaboration, MIPS submission and E-QUAL initiatives.



Our podcasts include topics on Sepsis, Stroke and Opioid Management. In addition, there are a variety of ACEP podcasts covering ED topics, including a weekly updates on major federal regulations impacting emergency medicine.



The ACEP Quality Webinars cover CMS topics, Sepsis, Stroke and Opioids and more. Join us to learn more and continue your education.



Information Papers

Information papers, developed by ACEP committees/sections and reviewed by the ACEP Board of Directors, cover a variety of topics of interest to our members.


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