Employer Profile Database

ACEP's goal is to provide greater transparency about employers and give our members tools to make informed decisions that are best for them.

We have always supported your right to make your own decisions regarding employment type. And we recognize that the diversity of our membership calls for diverse practice models.

Access the Employer Profile Database

A Pathway to Employer Transparency

With any employer who chooses to advertise or sponsor with ACEP, our goal is to highlight best practices ... regardless of group structure.

We continue to distribute an employer profile survey to every exhibitor that asks them to detail:

  • the group’s governance structure
  • the group’s transparency of their billing practices
  • the group’s ownership model
  • the group's attestation to ACEP’s policies, including:

For Employers

If your group, hospital or staffing company has not completed the survey and you are the authorized representative, please complete the online survey here.

If you are a group administrator and need to update your answers, please contact ACEP.

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