EM Data Institute


EM Data Institute

Data Registry

Meet requirements with streamlined reports, maximize your reimbursement and benchmark your quality metrics

Quality Improvement Activities

Discover best practices with a low barrier to implementation and improve your quality metrics for improved patient care

Research & Analytics

Uncover the story the numbers tell with a robust data set on a variety of clinical and practice topics, beyond just quality.

Transform Health Care with the EM Data Institute

Effectively drive decisions with practice-changing insights with ACEP’s EM Data Institute.

This new initiative is poised to become the single source of truth for all emergency medicine data. Harnessing the power of information that physicians are already recording, ACEP collates vital metrics from emergency departments nationwide to support research and grants, while enhancing value for emergency physicians, patients, and the broader health care community.

Benefits abound in the EM Data Institute -


Emergency Physicians

Be empowered by data to seek fair reimbursement, obtain higher scores on quality measures, and be the best physician you can be.

Join our registry services to optimize reporting through CMS' Merit Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

Discover clinical trends and find a rich well of information to launch research studies that make a difference at the bedside.

Emergency Medicine

Data reveals the magnitude of public health concerns in a timely, actionable basis – a benefit for the entire specialty.

We’ve already seen in the critical importance of insight to new and emerging health threats during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the impact of health care trends and patterns of resource utilization.

Get foundational information to enhance patient care, prepare your department, or even transform EM practice management.

Health Care System

The EM Data Institute adds value to the health care system through novel data use cases to bring the insights and expertise of ACEP physicians to the broader health care community.

Delivering novel insights for health care stakeholders in clinical trials, drug safety monitoring and life sciences innovation, the EM Data Institute will make an impact in any ways.

ACEP physicians' experience can broaden access to clinical insights to improve patients’ lives.

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