Tools for Effective State Advocacy

ACEP Physicians’ Guide to State Legislation

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The State Legislative Process

Section 1

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Section 2

Developing a Legislative Program

Section 3

Interacting with Your State Legislators

Section 4

How to Introduce Legislation

Section 5

Key Contact Program

Section 6

Working with a Professional Lobbyist

Section 7

Working with Your State Medical Society

Section 8

Building Successful Coalitions

Section 9

Campaign Involvement

Section 10

State Political Action Committees

Section 11

Legislative Receptions

Section 12

Doctor-of-the-Day Programs

Section 13

Emergency Medicine Proclamations

Section 14

Regulatory Agencies

Section 15

The Mini-Internship Program

Section 16

The Legislative Seminar

Section 17

Media Relations

Section 18

Model Legislation

Section 19
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