Sepsis Podcasts

Wave IV

E-QUAL to the SEP-1 Challenge

This podcast discusses CMS' SEP-1 measure as well as the E-QUAL Sepsis Initiative. The talk focuses on the effect of these measures on patient care and strategies for sepsis care improvement.

Featured Experts: Dr. Adam Rodos

Date: October 2019
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Wave II

Podcast Title


New recommendations from the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and what do they mean for the Emergency Department?

This podcast covers the 2016 Surviving Sepsis Guidelines.

Featured Experts: Dr. Laura Evans, Dr. Tiffany Osborn

Date: March 2017

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Fluid and Pressors Management Including Challenging Cases and Exceptions 

This podcast covers the management dilemmas with intravenous fluid resuscitation and vasopressors.

Featured Experts: Dr. Tiffany Osborn, Dr. Laurence Dubensky

Date: October 2017

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Achieving the Triple Aim in Critical Care Using Advanced IT and Business Strategy

This podcast provides a fantastic introduction to what an "eICU" is, the massive benefits it can provide, and the resources necessary to start.

Featured Experts: Dr. Tim Buchman, Cheryl Hiddleson, MSN, RN

Date: March 2018

Antibiotics Stewardship in Sepsis

This podcast discusses antibiotic stewardship in the care of sepsis patients.

Featured Experts: Dr. Lauren Epstein

Date: January 2018

Antibiotics Review

This podcast gives a rapid-fire review of antibiotic use by body system and common pitfalls of antibiotic choice.

Featured Experts: Dr. Jessica Whittle

Date: January 2018

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