January 4, 2021

Engage Your Physician Group or Hospital IT - EPOWERdoc

Each EMRDoc client will have an assigned Client Representative from EPOWERdoc as well as an onsite client System Administrator trained by EPOWERdoc. There are many areas of the system that are customizable by the client System Administrator or Client Representative and working with your hospital and physician group to determine which customizations would improve your patient workflow and User experience will allow you to configure your system to best fit your user workflow. This includes many areas of the Tracking Board and patient record. It is important to regularly review with your team any areas of concern or workflow issues with the system as many times the system can be modified to alleviate those issues.


Created by: Zach Jarou, MD, MBA (St. Joseph Mercy Health System); Heather Heaton, MD (Mayo Clinic); David Ernst, MD (EPOWERdoc); Nick Genes, MD, PhD (Mt. Sinai); Jeff Nielsen, MD, MS (NEOMED); on behalf of the ACEP Health Innovation Technology Committee


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