Physician Wellness

Being an emergency physician is tough. Because each day presents a new challenge, let us help you find the right support.

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Peer Support

In This Together

We are 20 months into a global pandemic, and emergency physicians are exhausted. But you aren't in this alone.

Peer Support Project

Sometimes the best support comes from those who know exactly what you're dealing with.

Let's Talk engagED Platform

Our only member forum that allows anonymous posts, Let's Talk aims to create a safe space where you can discuss ongoing challenges with your peers.


Crisis Support & Counseling

ACEP Member Wellness & Assistance Program

ACEP members get 3 free confidential crisis support or coaching sessions. Access professional counselors 24/7 by phone, text, chat. It includes legal and financial assistance for a small fee.



Sources of Stress

Patient Care






Physician Mental Health Topics



Physician Suicide

Compassion Fatigue

Diversity & Equity

COVID-19 Personal & Systemic



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