February 10, 2023

ACEP Advocacy Leaders

911 Network Advocacy Leaders Program 

Take your Advocacy to the Next Level!

ACEP launched a new 911 Network Advocacy Leaders Program for emergency physicians interested in taking their engagement and advocacy with federal legislators and staff to the next level. 

Join the Advocacy Leaders Program

Check out our webinar recording to hear more about the program, ACEP's advocacy priorities for the 118th Congress, and opportunities to engage with your legislators. 

Training Webinar Recordings

Check out a recording from the Congressional Management Foundation’s Citizen Advocate Webinar Series: How to Build Relationships with New Members of Congress. This webinar explains how building a relationship with your Representative’s District Director can result in gaining a new champion for our policy issues, and includes tips for preparing for meeting with your legislator and attending town hall meetings.

ED Visit Program 

Now is the perfect time to host an emergency department visit for your member of Congress. Hundreds of ACEP members have hosted visits with tremendous success. As part of ACEP's long-range advocacy efforts, we would like to have as many legislators as possible spend time with emergency physicians in their communities, seeing first-hand the inner workings of a hospital emergency department and those patients seeking care in this setting.

Newly elected and veteran members of Congress alike rely heavily upon input from their constituents when considering issues and making policy decisions. Whether your member is a freshman representative or a seasoned senator with years of legislative experience, he or she wants to hear what you, as a constituent and a physician, have to say about issues of importance to the community.

Legislators are looking for information about our health care system -- where it works and where it doesn't work. As the front line of our nation's health care delivery system, emergency physicians are well-positioned to educate legislators on a wide-range of issues including patient access, public health concerns, rural and inner-city health issues, and quality of care.

ACEP helps in setting up the visits including talking points and tips on coordinating the visit with your hospital staff and administration. For more information about hosting an ED visit for your federal legislator, please contact Jeanne Slade or Liz Demorest in the ACEP Washington, D.C. Office.

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