Navigating MIPS Eligibility and Participation for 2023 and 2024

The healthcare landscape is continually evolving, and clinicians must stay informed about their eligibility and participation options in programs such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS...

Frustrated by the Flawed Surprise Billing Process? Share Your Concerns Here

Merit Based Improvement Payment System (MIPS) 2024 Final Rule: Everything (else) you need to know about

Green Light for ACEP-Led Request to Form National Boarding Task Force

Pain Management and Addiction Medicine Section Fall Newsletter and Annual Meeting Minutes

ACEP to CMS: Consider the Boarding Crisis in Reporting Measures

ACEP Advocacy: Promoting Physician Leaders

ACEP Leaders Meet with DOJ Antitrust Department

EM-onomics: ACEP EMDI Economic Registry

Written version of ALS Presentation by Dr. Green and Attorney Fineman

ACEP Joins Yale in NIH Initiative to Combat Opioid Crisis

Cyber Attack Impacts Multiple Hospitals, ACEP Resources Help You Prepare in Case of Breach

Filling the Gaps in Emergency Medicine: A Transformative Journey at the ACEP Congress

2024 Physician Fee Schedule: ACEP Blunts Medicare Cuts

CUAP Management Award Winners 2023

ACEP's First Take from the Combined 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and MACRA Quality Payment Program (QPP) Final Rule

Carcinoma – Winner of the 2023 Writing Award/Poetry Division

The Eye of the Storm – Winner of the 2023 Writing Award/Prose Division

Grieving Our Loss/Covid Self Portrait - Winner of the 2023 Visual Arts Award

A Brief History of Our Section

From the Chair

ACEP Leadership Sets Strong Example for Medical Specialty Organizations

POCUS 2-Minute Video Challenge

From the Editor

Letter from the Chair

MIPS 2024 Final Rule: Impact for CEDR and Participants

ACEP’s EMDI on the Road - Where’s Waldo

ACEP Urges CHRISTUS Spohn To Consider Multiple Workforce Factors in its Residency Closure Decision

ACEP is Working to Protect You on the Job

Specialized Lectures in Emergency Medicine

Yo ACEP, We Did It!

ACEP Leads National Summit on the Boarding Crisis

The Genicular Nerve Block for Knee Pain in the Emergency Department

HackED! ’23 – The Future of EM Innovation is Bright

ACEP Reaffirms Positions on Hyperactive Delirium

ACEP23 Exhibitor: Curvafix

ACEP23 Exhibitor: Butterfly

ACEP Names Dr. Aisha Terry as New President

New Poll: Alarming Number of Patients Would Avoid Emergency Care Because of Boarding Concerns

Message from the Chair – See you in Philly!

Fellows Corner

In Case You Missed It – Palliative Care in the Wilderness

Every Skillset Can Find a Home in Wilderness Medicine

Simulation Cases

Palliative Pulse - October 2023


EMRA Ultrasound Committee Update

Lessons Learned from a 20 Years Running Research POCUS Symposium

Sono Hot Seat with Frances Russell on POCUS Research Careers

Sono Hot Seat with Nova Panebianco on Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Ultrasound Fellowships

Sono Hot Seat with Arun Nagdev – On Innovation and Integration of Nerve Blocks

Chair’s Letter

Sono Hot Seat with Petra Duran-Gehring on the ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Management Course

Sono Hot Seat with Lori Stolz on POCUS Billing and Revenue Infrastructure

ACEP EUS Safety Subcommittee Update

Planning your Best Clinical Ultrasound Conference

Meet the Secretary Candidates

Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Lessons from Captain James T. Kirk

ACEP Advocacy Delivers a September to Remember

Dr. De La Cruz Invites You to the ACEP Toxicology Section's Meeting in Philadelphia

E-QUAL: Revolutionizing Emergency Care with Quality Improvement Initiatives

Updates from the Newsletter Editor and Secretary FECs Past, Present, and Potential

Emergency Care Improvement Act (SB 1964)

The No Surprises Act Debacle

Evaluation and Management of the Sexually Assaulted or Sexually Abused Patient 2nd Edition

ACEP Executive Director Shares Devastating Impact of Corporatization in Emergency Medicine

The Safety from Violence for Healthcare Employees (SAVE) Act

PEM POCUS Curriculum Toolbox

Emergency Medicine Data Institute Activities at Scientific Assembly

Commemorating National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

COVID-19 ED Management Tool Now Available, Updated

Take Your Ultrasound Program to the Next Level with CUAP

ACEP is the Feature Organization at the Digital Health Studio at CES 2023

ACEP Applauds Introduction of HANDS Act on International Overdose Awareness Day

GEDA Updates

ACEP23 Geriatric EM Section Meeting

ACEP23 Conference Within a Conference

Resident and Fellow Elections

Forensic Medicine Section Webinar "The Use of Alternate Light Sources to Diagnose Unseen Injury or Enhance Faint Bruising in the Strangled Patient"

HackED! ’23 – Stop Reacting, Start Driving

Unlocking Your Future: Navigating the 2022 MIPS Performance Feedback and 2024 Payment Adjustments

Emergency Physicians Call for Resources, Collaboration to Better Address Pediatric Mental Health

MIPS Ramps Up in 2024: Are you Ready?

Keeping Our Foot on the Gas: More Progress on Surprise Billing Pushback

Book Review: In the Blood

A Sticky Situation: The Delaware Latex Spill

Stinky Horn Mushroom (Phallus Impudicus) "I know it when I smell it"

ACEP Advocacy Heats Up in July

Message from the Chair + Life Fuel

Fellow's Corner

Strategies for Treating Heat Exhaustion in Remote Ultraendurance Races

What’s Old is New Again in the Wilderness

Journal Watch Article Interests

Protecting Public Safety Personnel through Standards and Verification

Starting a Tactical and Law-Enforcement SAEM Interest Group

“Sound arguments for the purchase and use of firearm suppressors” A Physician’s Perspective and Recommendations

Chair's Letter

Misconceptions Regarding Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

ACEP Advocacy Leads to Funding Boost for ALTO, MAT Programs

EUFAC Update - Ultrasound Certification and Accreditation

Sono Hot Seat with Meghan Herbst: On Building a SonoGames Team

Sono Hot Seat with Bret Nelson: On Lecture Presentations and Career Development

Sono Hot Seat with Srikar Adhikari: On POCUS Research

BlockCamp: A One-Day Boot Camp to Teach Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks

Probing the Literature National Journal Club

Apply to be a Rising Star Speaker at ACEP23!

Common Coding and Billing Modifiers Used in POCUS

Letter to a Rising Ultrasound Fellow

Global POCUS Subcommittee Update

ACEP EUS Simulation Subcommittee Update

Up in Flames: Train Derailment in East Palestine, Ohio

JACEP Open Earns First Impact Factor

The Policy Perspective Interview at LAC 2023 with ACEP President Dr. Chris Kang and ACEP EMPHMP Section Chair, Dr. Jeff Wisniowski

ACEP Leadership & Advocacy Conference 2023 Recap

Sound Advice Winner 2022

Pulmonary Hypertension in the Pediatric Emergency Department

ACEP Can Help Advance EM Access, Training Around the Globe

MNACEP Calls for System Changes to Address Boarding Challenges

Section of Medical Humanities Writing and Visual Arts Awards

Emergency Medicine Legislation: Bringing Health Policy to the Bedside

Chair's Letter

The AEMUS Focused Practice Designation: Updates and Lessons Learned

Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography: An Expiring Pathway to Certification for Emergency Physicians

Advanced Echo Pocket Card Series #2: Diastolic Dysfunction

The Literature Canon Project: Behind the Curtains

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Research: Unlocking the Secrets to Productivity and Partnership

Sono Hot Seat with Chris Fox: On Departmental Leadership

Sono Hot Seat with Michael Blaivas: On Clinical Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in POCUS

ACEP EUS Critical Care Subcommittee Update

ACEP EUS Pediatric Subcommittee Update

ACEP EUS Resident Education Subcommittee Update

ACEP EUS Research Subcommittee Update

Updated: CMS Announces MIPS Relief

Legislative Update

2023 AMA CPT Documentation Guideline Changes for ED E/M Codes 99281-99285

From Ivy Clinicians 2023 State of the Emergency Medicine Employer Market

Smart Documentation and the Mystery of EM Lawsuits: What is our real risk?

ACEP Board and Council Candidates Finalized

Human Centered Design Thinking in the Emergency Department: Channeling the Chaos Together

PMAM Section Resolutions at the 2022 Council Meeting

ACEP Responds to a Congressional RFI on the Workforce

Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Family

Joint Statement on the Emergency Medicine 2023 Match Results

Palliative Pulse - March 2023

Save the date for International Activities at ACEP23!

Member Spotlights: Black History Month

Aid for Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

CPT Documentation Guidelines Update

Update on the No Surprises Act (NSA)

Comments Needed on Parental Leave Best Practices

Chair's Letter

Oh, the Places You'll Go: System-Wide Point of Care Ultrasound

Motion of the HOCean: A Clinical Case of Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy (HOCM)

Diagnosis of Tibial Tubercle Fracture on Point-of-Care-Ultrasound

A call for awareness… DEI in Clinical Ultrasonography

Ultrasound Research Part Three: Publication Pearls and Pitfalls

X-Waiver No Longer Required to Treat Opioid Use Disorder

Explore the New and Improved, the Premier Career Center for EM Physicians

Diving Medicine in the Abstract

December 2022 - Message from the Chair

ACEP, EM Organizations Issue Letter Regarding AHRQ Report on Diagnostic Errors in the ED

Longevity and Tenure Awards

Careers in Emergency Medicine Newsroom

Ever Consider Working for the VA?

Make a Difference: Write that Council Resolution

Career EM Mentor Program

Be Among the First to Try the New ACEP Mobile App

Social Observation – A Case of Value

The Role of Emergency Department Observation Units in Pandemic Surge Response

Meet Our Chair Elect, Dr. Stella Wong

The Past, Present and Future of Observation Medicine

Tele-Observation: Using Telemedicine to Centralize Observation Care Across Multiple Hospitals

From the Chair

2022 Medical Humanities Section Writing Award Winner – Poetry Category

2022 Medical Humanities Section Writing Award Winner – Prose Category Rachel Kowalsky, MD

ACEP22 Meeting Minutes

Introducing our new Section Chair: Maura Kennedy, MD, MPH

Chair's Corner

GEMS Section Elections!

ACEP 2022 Recap

Videos on Dementia and Delirium in the Emergency Department

GEDA Updates

ACEP22 Media Coverage

Simulation Case Library

Letter From the Chair Elect

A Novel Case-Based Echocardiography Teaching Platform for Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine Trainees

Identifying and Correcting the Performance Errors of Video Laryngoscopy: The Next Step in Emergency Airway Education

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Assessment of the Carotid Artery during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

The Resuscitationist’s Approach to Severe Hyponatremia

Just checking in . . . I’m still a piece of garbage

Indiana Enacts Expanded Abortion Prohibition

What’s that Rustling in the Grass?

Adventure in Nepal: Team CURTAIN (Current Understanding of Relevant Trends in Altitude Illness in Nepal)

Developing a Pediatric Wilderness Medicine Simulation Curriculum

Fellow's Corner

South Carolina Seeks to Enact Further Abortion Restrictions

Section of Medical Humanities Writing and Visual Arts Awards

Chair’s Letter

Cardiac Tamponade and Ultrasound-Guided Pericardiocentesis

Ultrasound-Guided Superficial Cervical Plexus Block